Feb 21

Terms and Conditions

DORANS PLUMBING Terms and Conditions
1. All goods supplied and/or installed remain the property of Dorans Plumbing until payment is received in full.
2. Any extra materials and labour incurred by Dorans Plumbing during the agreed work will be added to the invoice.
3. Plumbing is not an exact science, and there may be occasions where works require more time than was originally allowed and or the choice of planned action may have to be changed for reasons of better quality, law or design. This could result in the works time being extended to achieve the desired job.
4. Dorans Plumbing will make good within our skills and abilities, but we are not plasterers, or decorators and any making good that is not within our abilities will be the responsibility of you the client.
5. Dorans Plumbing cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances whilst carrying out works.
6. As per the estimate you accepted when placing the order with Dorans Plumbing 60% of the estimate value is payable before the commencement of works, and the remainder is payable upon completion of the agreed works. Dorans Plumbing will charge 8% above the bank base rate of the total value of outstanding payments for every day after five working days for non-payment.
7. Once Dorans Plumbing have delivered, or had delivered and/or installed goods to site it becomes the responsibility of the client to ensure their security and the client will pay for any damage or loss.
8. All Dorans Plumbing workmanship is guaranteed for a minimum period of 1 year and all supplied goods carry the manufacturer’s warranty.
9. Dorans Plumbing strive to have all goods available for the commencement of works, however we cannot be held responsible for defective or missing goods/parts due to manufacturer errors.
10. If works are booked in by you (the client) and are cancelled for any reason by you (the client) Dorans Plumbing have the right to charge at an hourly rate for lost time.
11. Any remedial works (which will be agreed with you) carried out during the agreed works in the supplied estimate will be charged as an addition including labour and parts.
12. Estimates are valid for 3 months and the price could change depending on market forces increases.
13. If the works progress or start time is delayed through no fault of Dorans Plumbing and the engineer/s have to make a return visit it will be chargeable.
14. Dorans Plumbing work on a customer need basis and if we are called to an emergency we may have to leave site or may be delayed returning to site, this may result in works running over the specified time given.
15. Dorans Plumbing from time to time have discounts or offers. These offers or discount vouchers will only be accepted prior to completion of works. Any offers or discount vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer.
16. Please note your payment date on your invoice. If payment is not received by the due date on your invoice we will charge & invoice 8% above the bank base rate for the full amount outstanding.