Feb 21

Summer specials
Dorans Plumbing discounted summer boiler service... 

Reduced rates for oil boiler services. Full service includes new nozzel, filter, flexi fuel

line (if required) and also oil tank condition and report.

Prices vary on boiler types so please contact Dorans Plumbing for details. 

Offer runs from June to September 2016 inclusive.

Water Butts

With the hosepipe ban in place, and a warm summer on its way, nobody wants to see their lovely plants
wilting in the summer sun. Why not get a water butt installed!
Think of the water saving and the ££ SAVING on water bills.
Most importantly your plants will love it.
What can be better for your plants than the pure natural goodness of rain water.

Prices start from just £23.99
Please contact us with your requirements.

With Thanks

Price Freeze

With the cost of fuel and the vat increase, Dorans Plumbing has decided to freeze our labour costs.
Dorans Plumbing has no control over the cost increases in fuel, products and materials, but we are however keeping our labour costs at the same very competitive prices as 2010.  This offer will continue until further notice.
Just a little thanks for a well supported 2010.

With thanks
Dorans Plumbing